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With a step-by-step process you'll get clarity on what's next, build confidence, and get honest feedback. 


In one-on-one or group coaching sessions Helen will guide you and when you need it, push you.


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The Step-by-Step Startup Guide: How to Start a Business

Launching and Marketing Your Business

Instant Access to My Three Self-Paced Online Courses

How to Start of Business

Use a proven process to get your business launched.  Designing Your Marketing Strategy.

Start Your Biz Course

Launch Your eCommerce Store and/or Program:

Launch Your Business in Days with a Step-by-Step Process

Launch Course

Master Your Marketing & Messaging:

Use a proven step-by-step process creating marketing messages for the right people at the right time

Craft Your Marketing
Kathy Norton, Associate Professor, Howard Community College

HCC and especially the Business and Entrepreneurship Department is blessed to have adjunct faculty like you who are so dedicated to our students.  The way that you stepped into the Rocket Pitch role will always be remembered.

Mindy, Student

Excellent Course.  Ms. Rose was fantastic and gave helpful insight into business marketing since she is a veteran marketer. Excellent course material and it gets you think beyond just yourself and beyond just one culture. Loved the course; I look forward to taking more of Helen's courses.  

Cortney, Entrepreneur, Student

Ms. Rose is very passionate about this industry and it shines through with her teaching style. She is highly knowledgeable.  She makes you feel comfortable with the material, helps when needed, gives lots of useful examples and makes it a fun course. Overall excellent teacher.  I highly recommend her.
Development and marketing


Create Your Course
Website Development
eCommerce Development
Email Campaigns & Funnels
Online Advertising
Drop Ship Services
Private Label Products

Health and Wellness Business launch coaching


1-to-1 Coaching
Implementation Lab

Course Creation

Group Coaching
The Inner Circle

launch superfood ecommerce


Design and Refine Your Business Launch and Offering

Launching Your Business and eCommerce

Crafting Your Message and Marketing


Carol, Health Coach, Client

I’m making so much progress with my business now that I’m working with you.  People are impressed by my website.  You have kept me grounded, less scattered and inspired me to move forward.

Manise, Health Coach, Client

I feel like God sent you to me.  I was so lost and couldn’t launch my business and God connected us together so you could help me with my business.  Thank you, Helen.

J. Myers, 

Entrepreneur, Student

Helen motivated students using various teaching styles.  She did an excellent job and I encourage other entrepreneurs to choose her courses and coaching.

What can you expect working with Helen?

Phase #1:

Design and Refine Your Business Launch 
You’ll walk away with total clarity on your business path, your ideal customer, and how YOU were meant to deliver this.   You will know WHO your ideal client is and WHAT you are offering.  

Phase #2
Launch Your eCommerce Store and/or Program:

We'll dive deep to craft the perfect sales landing page for your offer & show you the "hidden” marketing tactics necessary to turn your mission into a successful digital product empire.

Phase # 3
Master Your Marketing & Messaging:

This is where you gain the secrets for attracting the "perfect fit" clients. There IS a market for your offerings - together we'll unlock that market and show you how to reach & convert them through advanced world-class marketing and sales frameworks!

Sarah, Health Coach, Client

Excellent business coach.  Helen Rose was fantastic and gave helpful insight into business and marketing. She listened to me and my ideas, understood my project needs, and developed my course and website quickly.

  Thank you, Helen, I can't believe how far my business has grown since working with you. 


Gina Ellis, House Flipping Coach, Client

I am beyond thankful for the outstanding performance, Helen Rose has contributed to the production of launching my dream business! She has a level of expertise that is essential to my success and her authentic approach to guiding me and organizing the project is truly effective. I have no doubt we will launch an outstanding product that my audience will understand and be excited about. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest Launch It Consulting to my closest friends and loved ones!

Michael Kelly, Student

The best Business teacher ever!  Helen explains in detail all concepts and shares her professional and business experience with us making the course really interesting.  I loved her course.

Sydney, Student

I truly value the information being taught.  Thank you, Helen, for your efforts and feedback throughout this course. This was one of the courses I enjoyed the most and I appreciated that it is so useful. 


I'm Helen Rose.  Founder of Launch It Consulting and Co-Founder of Natural Zing.
Like you, I’m a health and wellness entrepreneur. I’ve grown and sold one business, I am currently co-owner of an eCommerce superfood store, and I’m working on a third. 

With 20 years selling to health seekers and 30 years launching 
businesses, I know the challenges you face as you grow your sales, and I understand the rollercoaster of emotions you experience when it gets hard.

The Entrepreneur School is the training I wish I’d had when I was just starting.

The Ultimate Guide to Create and Sell Your Online Courses

Download this FREE guide to help you get organized and take the actions needed to get results.

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