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Helen Rose

Hello, I'm Helen Rose.


Like you, I’m an entrepreneur. I’ve grown and sold my vegetarian cafe and recently sold Natural Zing, an eCommerce superfood store, and I’m working on a growing my 3rd business, Launch It Consulting.  Where I coach entrepreneurs and provide marketing services.

I know the challenges you face as you grow your sales, and I understand the rollercoaster of emotions you experience when it gets hard.

I wish I’d had invested in a coach when I was just starting.

Summary of Experience

  • 30 years' experience in marketing (traditional and digital).
  • 20 years growing businesses through digital marketing.
  • 20 years as an entrepreneur or in launching businesses, services lines or product lines for corporations.
  • 19 years as co-founder and owner of a plant-based superfoods distribution ecommerce business selling B2C, B2B, & B2B2C - Natural Zing 
  • 5 years owned and managed a cafe/specialty retail store in Mount Airy Maryland. (Superfoods On Main)
  • 4 years as a business launch & marketing consultant/coach.  - Launch It Consulting 
  • 4 years Adjunct Professor, teaching marketing and entrepreneurship courses at my local community college
  • Education: MBA, BA in Economics, BA in Sociology, Graduate of Mastery Program Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi
  • Parnerships: Shopify Partner, Kajabi  Partner
  • Course Development Platform: Kajabi,, Canvas
  • Website Development Platforms: Shopify, Kajabi, WIX, WordPress

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