Use a proven process to develop your marketing strategy to get your health and wellness business launched



Learn how to develop your marketing strategy to get your health and wellness business launched.

Hi! This Helen Rose

founder of Launch It Consulting and co-founder of Natural Zing. I’ve been launching businesses and products for 30 years and launching health and wellness businesses for 20 of those years. As health and wellness entrepreneurs you have amazing purposes. You have amazing visions of how you want to help people get healthier and many of you have studied nutrition for years. Where you struggle is launching and marketing your business. This is why I started reaching out and providing services and education to help them make your vision a reality. Having the marketing fundamentals to launch and grow your business is key to your success. Not knowing your exact audience and what you want to market can cause you not only cause frustration and delay, but wasted money and time. To many people launch before they have their solid marketing strategy and get lost and give up on their vision. This course is design to step you through the process of creating your solid marketing strategy so you are ready to launch with a solid foundation.

In this course, Design and Refine your Business Launch you will:

  • Discover the mindset needed to be a successful entrepreneur.
  • Gain clarity on your business goals.
  • Formulate a 90-Day plan of action.
  • Detail the assets and strengths you must leverage in your business.
  • Discover the weaknesses to avoid, outsource, or you need to learn. 
  • Discover where you can make the most revenue or have the biggest impact for your audience.
  • Discover where your business runs the biggest risk from competition, changes in the market, etc.
  • Define and refine your offering.
  • Understand to whom you are sending your marketing message and creating your products.
  • Dive deep into understanding your ideal customer so you can attract and convert them into paying customers. 

With this solid foundation of who you are targeting and the offer they is easiest for you to launch that will appeal to this target you are ready to launch.  Only after you have your sound marketing strategy are you ready to launch a successful business.


This course if for those that want to implement.  I have step by step instructions and assignments to make sure you implement what you learn in your growing business.

If you want to learn the exact-system I’ve used to launch & grow my businesses, that I teach my coaching clients and the same training I use in some of the college courses I’ve designed.

Check out Design and Refine Your Business Launch

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Design and Refine Your Business