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The Implementation Lab

In 90-Days Launch

  • Your¬†Website Site
  • Online Course
  • eCommerce Site
  • Workshop
  • Private Labeled Superfoods
  • Marketing Messaging and Tactics
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 Pursue Your Passion and Love What you Do 

Are passionate about helping others but get overwhelmed with the marketing technology and techniques?
  Maybe you've wanted to develop an ecommerce site, or a course and you don't have the time or technical skills. 

You want to start your own business, but you do not know how to do it.  Maybe you want to launch a website, a course, or your own private labeled natural foods, but you do not even know where to start. 

Do you get overwhelmed with the idea of building your own website and marketing your business?  If yes, then this is where I come in and simplify it all for you. 


I have been launching and marketing businesses for 25+.   I can help you build your own site or course. 

If you do not know how to efficiently market online, I am your expert guide.  I have been marketing for 30 years.   I will help you target your ideal customer and market your products to generate sales.  Most importantly, we will get your customers to come back for recurring sales.  Loyal recurring sales will keep building your audience and building your revenue.

If this sounds like you, I would like to learn more about your business goals, click HERE connect to me.

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Gina Ellis, Client

"I am beyond thankful for the outstanding performance, Helen Rose has contributed to the production of launching my dream business! She has a level of expertise that is essential to my success and her authentic approach to guiding me and organizing the project is truly effective. I have no doubt we will launch an outstanding product that my audience will understand and be excited about. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest Launch It Consulting to my closest friends and loved ones!"

Carol Luthy, Client

“Working with Helen has been a wonderful experience! With Helen’s expertise and coaching skills, I have been able to develop and maintain momentum with creating a new business. Helen is extremely experienced with e-commerce and marketing, and is a wonderfully skilled coach. Her courses are well designed, easy to follow and have  generous amounts of videos and worksheets that keep the process simple and thorough. I recommend Helen’s program for anyone either developing a business from scratch or improving an existing one!”


 How do I help? 


I help you get beyond the overwhelming aspects of a business launch.   New entrepreneurs can become overwhelmed very easily and get lost in the technology of developing a website so much so, that they can't move forward at all. 

I will help you look with the big picture to find the strategic needle movers or leverage points so that we develop a smart efficient plan.  As we dive into the work, I break the project down into a step by step implementation process. 

We take a few steps at a time to nail it down, then we move on to the next few steps.  We keep forward motion and focus on generating income.    Too many entrepreneurs can fall into the perfectionist trap and want to keep adding more products, website features, apps, content, etc.  I help you find a balance to move forward to generate revenue.  You can go back later and add features.  The key is generating income and that is where marketing is involved.

If you build it they will come -- FALSE

Just because you launch your eCommerce site or course doesn't mean you will have orders.  You MUST market to generate income.  I have been marketing products and services for 30 years.  I know how to help you craft the right message to your audience, so that they can find your offering convinces them to buy.  

We will focus on new and returning marketing tactics to attract new customers and leverage recurring sales to build your revenue.  In developing a marketing plan of action, we will use the same step by step approach in your marketing project(s) to ensure manageability and forward motion.  


eCommerce Natural Foods?

Best of all, you do not have to worry about fulfilling the orders because we provide the services to ship out the orders for you.   You do not have to get bogged down in managing inventory, people, or packing and shipping orders.  Natural Zing has been shipping natural foods to consumers and businesses for 19 years and we have become very efficient.  We do all the hard labor so you can focus on marketing, and I will help you to become an expert marker for your products.

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90-Day Implementation Lab

 In this 90-Day Implementation Lab we will:

  • Launch your website. We will help you build your website or online store – with a combination of "done for you" or "done with you".
  • If you want to share your knowledge and build a course, I can build it for you.
  • Help you develop and implement your marketing – With a combination of "done for you" and "done with you".
  • I will teach you how to be an expert marketer to your ideal customer, craft your message to attract your ideal customer and sales techniques to convert to grow your business.
  • Provide a Website Review.
  • We will design the label(s) for your private labeled product(s).
See if this is the right fit for you

Imagine the cost of building a website or course, hiring a marketing agency, buying inventory, leasing a warehouse, hiring, and managing customer service and shipping staff.   What would that cost you?

Typically, when you start a business, you end up taking time, money, and energy away from your other areas of your life such as your career, your family, your business, your limited free time, your sleep... What is that cost to you?

Imagine we are building a business for you so you can basically keep doing what you are doing. You maybe that is coaching, training, running your café, working a full-time job, or being a full-time parent.   You do not have to disrupt your life to start another business.

 Learn more about my 90-day business implementation lab to get your business launched and your initial marketing implemented. 

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Grow your  business by learning from the experts

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Your Guides:

 Helen Rose, co-founder of Natural Zing with 30 years in marketing and launching businesses, products, and services.

Jeffrey Rose, owner and president of Natural Zing with 25+ years in IT systems development and operations management, 20+ yrs. strategy development and optimizing supply chain management, warehouse operations, and eCommerce development/management.

Learn more about my 90-day business implementation lab to get your business and your initial marketing implemented. 

Tuition Assistance or Financing to Build Your Online Presence?

 Launch It Consulting has monthly payment plans, but if you need more assistance, we offer financing options.  We have a relationship with 7-Figures Funding.  They specialize in helping entrepreneurs get the money they need to launch and scale their business.  They have lots of options.  Click the link to get started.  Let me know if you are applying, so I can make sure everything goes smoothly.

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