Launch Your Business in Days with a Step-by-Step Process


Launch your business quickly and powerfully

Hi! This Helen Rose

founder of Launch It Consulting and co-founder of Natural Zing. I’ve been launching businesses and products for 30 years and launching health and wellness businesses for 20 of those years.

You have an amazing vision of how you want to help people get healthier. 

Where you struggle is launching your business. This is why I started helping entrepreneurs like you make your vision a reality.

Too many people get overwhelmed with the technology and the details of launching their business and ecommerce store.  They end up getting lost and give up on their vision. 

Following a step-by-step process to launch your business and ecommerce store enables you to launch quickly and powerfully.  This is why I have created the course Launching Your Business and eCommerce Store.

In this course, Launch Your Business and eCommerce Store your Business Launch you will:

  • Determine if you are launching the right business for you.
  • Discover the 5 Steps to launching your superfoods business
  • Define Your Website Features
  • Design your workshop
  • Follow my step-by-step video guide to build your website
  • Develop your website content that attracts your audience
  • Set your business up for dropship
  • Follow my 20-point check list to make sure your website and store are ready to launch.
  • Launch your business and ecommerce store!

I will step you through your launch, so you do not get overwhelmed, so you stay focused on your goals and generating income with your new launch.

This course if for those that want to implement.  I have step by step instructions and assignments to make sure you implement what you learn in your growing business.

If you want to learn the exact-system I’ve used to launch & grow my businesses, that I teach my coaching clients and the same training I use in some of the college courses I’ve designed.


Check out Launch Your Business and eCommerce Store

Don’t waste time and money getting lost in technology. 

Signup for this course today and don’t delay implementing your vision.

Launch Your Business and eCommerce Store


Launch quickly and powerfully